The new alternative to the classic dental bridge

No matter the age, young, middle aged and mature people could all face the need to replace missing teeth.

Knowing that there are many ways to deal with this problem, we bring you an innovative new service that over-rides many of the disadvantages of other options.

Five types of dental bridge

One of the choices is the Traditional Dental Bridge, in which the dentist puts in either a crown or a framework; you have to be mindful that the dentist may remove the enamel of the teeth, and it doesn’t grow back.

There is a second option, called a Cantilever Bridge, where something similar happens, and teeth could be fractured and have loosened crowns.

With the third, the Maryland Bridge, this is less damaging to the surrounding teeth. However you can run the risk that they may not stay in place because of the limited strength.

The fourth option is an Implant-Supported Bridge – this is an advanced technique, without crowns or frameworks, wherein  dental implants are used to support the bridges.  This is an expensive option so if you are worried about your pocket, this is not the way to go.

Finally, there is another choice that avoids the downsides discussed above. The Maxistick Bridge is the best solution for anyone who needs false teeth or a bridge but wants to avoid breaking the bank and still obtain some of the advantages of the other methods.

The Maxistick Bridge does no damage the tooth or teeth and provides superior adhesion; with it you do not have crown and bridge movements, and avoid the invasive dentistry of implants. It is palate free so there is no reduction in taste and a truly natural smile is achieved. Other advantages include the preservation of bone and durability.

With the maximum of care, and with years of experience reflected in how our team works, the procedure can be completed over 3 months, in which there are 3 appointments.

In addition to providing the Maxistick Bridge at a reasonable price, we offer the opportunity for the fee to be paid over 10 monthly, interest free instalments.

If you are interested in the new Maxistick dental bridge then book a free consultation today.