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Patient Review


I recently underwent this procedure at ICDS and am very happy to write a positive review.

Having very loose upper crowns and bridges, plus gum disease, I was looking for a solution which I could afford – the cost of a ‘All on four’ bridge, with implants, being prohibitively expensive in my circumstances.

Accordingly TJ and Dr Tim May came up with a plan which firstly, in my case, involved the removal of all upper loose teeth; Dr May achieved this with the minimum of discomfort and the maximum of care.  After this a temporary dental plate was fitted immediately, which incorporated ‘extensions’ into the tooth sockets to ensure a better adherence with the eventual solution of the Miserden Maxistick bridge.

Although the healing process resulted in several needful adjustments to make the temporary plate comfortable, again Dr May was thorough and careful in resolving these minor problems.

After 3 months of healing I then had a series of impressions taken in preparation for the final solution.  Dr May’s skill in taking these impressions contributed greatly to the result. Along with these impressions I had two consultations with Master Technician, TJ, whose scrupulous attention to detail (and of course his vast experience), ensured perfect matching to my existing teeth as well as the production of a beautiful and natural set of upper teeth in a horseshoe bridge.  I should say here that TJ had a particularly difficult job with this because my original upper teeth were ill assorted, protruded, and because of one missing front tooth there was no proper centralisation – TJ dealt with all these issues brilliantly.

The end result feels very secure and comfortable, looks extremely attractive, and is expected to be long lasting; I therefore recommend this product and the service received unreservedly.


Inez B  April 2018



Created and patented by Vita Master Technician, T J Nicolas, the patient tested Miserden Maxistick Bridge has other notable advantages:

  • Preservation of bone
  • Palate free to ensure taste
  • Superior adhesion
  • Natural appearance
  • Durable



‘I am thrilled with my Miserden Maxistick bridge, it looks and feels great; I recommend this product and service unreservedly’.

Inez B, April 2018.

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