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Be one of a fabulous forty new patients to recieve a complimentary consultation and a 10% discount!

Developed and patented by the UK’s only Vita Master Technician, Mr T J Nicolas, 40 new patients can receive his unrivalled expertise in providing the Maxistick Bridge. Simply book in online for a complimentary consultation with a 10% guaranteed discount on the final cost.

The Maxistick Bridge is an affordable, viable alternative to an implant based bridge or denture.

Until now, the only solutions available to people with failing upper teeth were either a denture or an implant based bridge.  The idea of a denture is often unappealing and implants are invasive and costly. The arrival of the Maxistick Bridge provides a third effective option which is not only affordable when compared to implants or private dentures, but is also extremely attractive and comfortable.   Click here to read a genuine patient review, the process details and costs.

Don’t delay, book in today. Select an available date from the calendar on the right and click to book. Take the first step to a brand new smile!

January 2020