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Here is just a small selection of comments from some of our many satisfied patients…

I have just started my treatment with Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios and so far I couldn’t be happier they really get to know you. I would consider myself an extremely nervous patient when it comes to dentistry, but the whole team made me feel at ease right from the get-go. I had my initial appointment with Tim May and Jo, his dental nurse, and they were so patient with me and explained everything before they did anything and made me relax within an instant. I have chatted with TJ over the implant side of my teeth and his knowledge is immense; his passion for teeth and caring for my end goal teeth really shone through. Most recently I have met with Dr Pana for occlusion work. Finding out all about my long-term clicking jaw was fascinating and certainly helped me make the right decision for my treatment plan. I highly recommend Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios to all: the team are great, the destination is so peaceful and full of countryside and the studio itself is so warm and welcoming I have never been offered a cup of tea whilst I wait at any other dentist! I am so looking forward to continuing with my treatment, nerve-free! Thank you.

Carly Jones December 2017

Decided to have major treatment in December, so nine hours in the chair plus lots of consultations later I can smile again thanks to a fantastic team of people. I’d highly recommend this place to anyone needing first-class dentistry.

Martyn Jakubowski (All-on-4) December 2017

Did a brilliant job for me I highly recommend!

Mark Cuzner  October 26, 2017

I had a same-day dental implant fitted approximately three years ago. The service was excellent and I have a perfect, beautiful implant that matches my other teeth perfectly, giving me the perfect smile I always wanted!

Claire Crowther  October 12, 2016

Beautiful dental clinic and fantastic team.

Vishal Jadeja  April 28, 2017

Dear TJ and team, I cant thank you enough for all that you did on my teeth last Monday; I cant stop looking at them! I think your practice is amazing how wonderful it would be if you had one in London! You are so lucky to live and work in such a beautiful, gorgeous part of the world; it is very different to Tooting!

Lots of love, Sophie

April 3, 2014


Somewhat belatedly, a brief note to let you know how thrilled I am with the crown that you made for my front tooth. If I seemed a little unsure at the time when I spoke to you, it was because I had very little time to even look at it; most of my observations were done while I was driving to and from London not the safest activity. Again many thanks and good luck for the future.

Julie Cochran

Dearest TJ and team, thank you, thank you, and thank you for my new teeth. Not only did you make them look wonderful but even I, at very close range in the mirror, cannot tell which are which a brilliant match. David, my husband, is very pleased and has even taken loads of photos! I feel totally over the moon. Thank you for all your hard work and professionalism.

Kind regards

Janet Bell

To TJ and the team, thank you for the teeth a job very well done! They have settled in nicely.

Ros Warwick

Dear TJ and team, I wanted to thank you again for the crowns you recently made for me. I am very pleased with their natural appearance and how you have made the back of them feel like a real teeth should be.

Pam Neilly

Thank you for my lovely matching absolutely gorgeous.

Sheila Bloom

New teeth! Care of Nigel Jones, Smiles Better

Just a short line from a very happy customer: I am enormously pleased with your workmanship, the final chosen forms and colour for my new teeth worth every penny of the trillions charged! Your advice was excellent and Im glad the result enables me to smile at my best once again. I find young women stop in the street and stare like they used to do at my carefree smile. Keep it up!

Thank you so much.

Ben Jones

Hi TJ and team. I am very pleased with my new bridge which fitted beautifully and looks great. Im glad I took your advice about shape and colour as it is excellent. Once I get the composite fillings on my back teeth done, you wont recognise me.

Cheers a lot, Val

Dear TJ and team, I am now the proud owner of a new prosthetic denture along with a crocodile smile logo of the dental practice in Cheltenham. Dr Simon Hipwell is terribly pleased with the results as am I; your work has been absolutely perfect. I do so want to extend a big thank you for having met me at the bus stop in Winston and taking me safely back. I would have been quite happy to walk though as it is incredibly scenic, peaceful and beautiful countryside, well worth the bus trip.

You reside in the most beautiful part of the country. My sincere wishes are that you continue in doing such professional work and for ever prosper.

Yours truly, Molly Webber

Dear TJ, thank you very much for the time and care you took in making my veneers. Next time, I will take your advice, but they look really good cemented and Im very pleased with them.

Many thanks, Rhianna

Dear TJ and team, thank you for my implant. I cant thank you enough for the help and support of my new teeth. Im a happy person and can smile without using my tongue to hold my damn denture up again! Thank you, thank you.

All my love. Sarah Whitehouse

Dear TJ and team, my crown has now stood the test of time long enough for me to be able to report a resounding success and to say thank you for the time and trouble you took to ensure that it was its best. Its installation has also anchored the plate that you built for it; thank you again. To have lived all those years with what I had before, you have another extremely satisfied customer. I am glad to wish you every success for the future.

Best regards, Michael Willis

Dear TJ and team, I wanted to take the time to say thank you so much for your patience when I came to see you and for producing such an excellent match.

Jackie Lambert-Rose (dentist)

Dear team, thank you for the fantastic teeth. I cant tell you how happy I am and thank you to everyone. I am enjoying eating again and everything was a wonderful match. I am a very happy person smashing; thank you.


Many thanks to your team for your time and expertise.

Best wishes, Anne Blaine (Michael Lowdel, Stonehouse Dental Practice, Winchcombe)

Thank you so much for making such a nice crown for me. I cant believe how much it looks like a real tooth.

Best wishes, Gaulle

Dear TJ and team, just a note of thanks, somewhat belated; the results of your wizardry are once again marvellous. I really am delighted.

Aileen Gavel

Dear TJ and team. I would like to say thank you for the really marvellous work which you put in exacting my new [smile]. Im absolutely delighted with them; they fit perfectly and the colour exactly [matches] my own. I very much appreciate the attention to detail and the skill with which you have transformed my appearance.

Olsen Sylhen

Dear TJ and team, I just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic workmanship to the teeth you made for me. They are wonderful and fit beautifully; the colour is great and the idea of the extra venue was so right. It has taken 12 months of treatment to get my teeth sorted out, and I am now so glad I took the decision to do it. So thank you very much for your excellent contribution.

Gratefully, Mandy Nickel from Bruce Mayhews Dental Practice

I am truly delighted with my lovely teeth and because you copied the originals they feel like mine too. Thank you so much.

Mary E. Strood (Confident Dental Care, Stroud)

Dear TJ and team, one million thanks for your wonderful work on my teeth, crowns and bridges. Many thanks for giving me a great smile.

Bridget Rosser

Thank you very much for working on my teeth and doing such a wonderful crown. However I dont think I will have a chance of getting the role of the Witch in the Wizard of Oz anymore! Thank you again.

All the best, Allen Donna

Dear TJ, thank you very much for my so level new teeth.

Kind regards, Diana Holdenworks

Dear TJ and team, I am so grateful for your help. I am passing on details of your wonderful website to other friends who all suffer from dental confusion. I think your website is an inspired and positive solution to the epidemic of dental negligence and it has certainly helped me. There is a letter waiting for my local MP. Do you have any articles or facts and figures that you can send to him? It would really help them and strengthen a case for anybody who has had negligent treatment.

Very best wishes, Katie XXX

Dear TJ and team, thank you for making my new tooth match the others perfectly. I know it was a challenge.

Best wishes forever, Elaine Foster

Dear TJ, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you. Im absolutely loving the new teeth, as is everyone else! You did a great job beyond my high expectations. Its great to have my smile back! Thank you.

Claire Smith

Dear TJ, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you. I now have for the first time in my life a wonderful smile.

Kind regards, Jane Laver

Dear TJ, just to say how very pleased I am with my new crowns they look and feel like my own teeth. Youve done a brilliant job. Thank you again.

Jan Hunt, full of smiles with my new set of dentures

Dear Mr Nicolas and team, a brief note to say thank you so much for the wonderful colour match of my new veneers.

Yours sincerely, Ann Yvette

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my wonderful new teeth; I absolutely love them. And I am smiling much more than I ever have. They are so natural and feel great.

Yours sincerely, Mrs R. Neal

Love it.

I had a personal visit to the Implant & Ceramic Centre Ltd for customising my crown. It was important that this crown be made just right it was the interface between two other teeth of different shades; I referred to it as my transition tooth. TJ at the centre understood perfectly and worked with me to not only have a comfortable fitting crown, but one that was the right shading (actually a variety of shades to look natural and transition). He shaded and fired the crown until we both thought it was just right. Sarah from Illume Dental put it in place. After the first day of the rest of my life with it, I can tell you I am happy (those who know me will assure you that I dont say that lightly).

My personal thanks to everyone at the Centre who took the care to make this experience a positive one.

Rita Bowser

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